The food that brought us closer together

This guest post comes from Epithelial cell, best known for its role in ‘The gut barrier’.

OMG! I just have to tell you about this new place we found – The Intest Inn.

It’s the kind of eatery that most folk would just pass by (it’s a little quirky).

When you arrive there’s a very distinctive, pungent smell. I guess it’s from the food preparation but I can see why some would be put off by it. We thought it added to the charm.

One of the best things about the Intest Inn is the menu. Apparently it is continually changing depending on ingredients they happen to get in. As it happened, we had gone at the perfect time.

They had just recieved a delivery. A rare delivery. Pomegranates! They mentioned how the chefs had been working on a major new pomegranate recipe that creates a taste sensation. We were excited!

We waited patiently for our dish to be served, absorbing the atmosphere, giddy with anticipation. We were not disappointed. It was beyond food. Beyond sustenance. Each mouthful took us to places unimaginable, sharing and basking in gastronomical glory.

It was as if the food had transformed us. We sat united, together we could take on the world! We thank everyone at the Intest Inn. The experience was far more than a dining one, and the shared enjoyment has made us stronger and tighter as a group.

This post is based on the following research article:

Enhancement of the gut barrier integrity by a microbial metabolite through the Nrf2 pathway

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